Propel’s IT services agents provide support for databases, Microsoft Azure and Office applications, Google apps, Amazon Web Services enterprise platform and services, SQL developer installations, virtual private network (VPN) access, and the Common Access Card (CAC) system.

Propel’s personnel are responsible for maintaining the active directory systems at three major NOAA offices, including creating the authentication protocols to link existing Microsoft accounts to systems, and configuring it to require mobile authenticator applications. We develop and execute processes for system deployment, including updated active directory, inventory database, encryption server, software build specifications, and customer education/follow-up. Our agents deploy iOS devices using UMS protocol for managing mobile devices.

Propel offers experience designing and supporting cloud implementations across the federal government. As an example, at the NOAA Office for Coastal Management, Propel’s team deployed an MS Azure-based virtualized environment. Our engineers used Microsoft Hyper-V to migrate the suite of web applications, databases, many petabytes of data, automation pipelines, and network services. Our staff continue to streamline and improve efficiencies within NOAA’s cloud computing infrastructure. We also support other cloud requirements at NOAA, including our successful implementation of FedRamp-compliant Amazon Web Service (AWS) at the Office of Coast Survey.