Propel Solutions has broad experience developing and supporting numerical prediction models that use mathematical representations of the atmosphere, oceans and land surface to predict the weather and hydrologic response based on current weather conditions.

This expertise includes Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) models. Our team is adept at manipulating the very large datasets and performing the complex calculations necessary for modern numerical prediction, techniques that often require use of powerful supercomputers. The Propel Solutions team excels at mathematical modeling of all facets of the weather and hydrologic sciences from rainfall-runoff, to hydrodynamic routing, to water quality to controlled systems. We have extensive experience working with federal, state, and local governments on a variety of numerical prediction and water modeling projects.

An example of the provided numerical modeling that Propel has successfully deployed is groundwater analysis. We provide groundwater modeling services to a range of clients across the US. Our modeling experts have a strong scientific background to support the nuanced decision-making that comes with model selection. Our groundwater models are designed to obtain information on sources of recharge, estimates of recharge rates, flow paths, flow rates, sources of solutes, surface water/groundwater interactions and vulnerability assessments