Propel provides support to environmental-satellite-related computer software and the data flows that underpins the nation’s collection of weather, ocean, and environmental data.

Our staff provide services to critical ground software systems, including planning, development, test, operations, maintenance, and evolution activities. Our work supports systems including: GOES-R, ISatSS and AHIProc, Meso Mission Manager, AWIPS software, and SPADES. Our staff are experts in many services, including:

  • Targeted level-2 product generation
  • Reformatting and tailoring satellite data
  • Augmenting or enhancing the availability and display of satellite data on forecaster workstations
  • Earth and space weather product processing

Propel’s approach focuses on satellite system integration, getting diverse applications across the satellite software portfolio into unity. This includes moving applications into the cloud, enabling far easier interaction between systems, enabling technologies like machine learning to be applied in more places, and reducing costs and complexity. Bringing more of the satellite software and databases into concert enables consolidation, reducing the volume of supporting systems and pooling resources for tasks like database support.